So while I didn’t get to work on anything major today, I did get told a bit more information (mainly because I had to ask for it, rather than them just telling me). They need to setup an AD account for me that’s tied to the customer, for whatever work they ask me to do I guess. I’ll be heading down to the customer on Wednesday as they’re on the North side of Dublin, so about a half hour walk from the offices.

But yeah, more of the day spent helping Joe with his JavaScript.


I guess you’re tired of hearing the same thing at this stage, because I’m tired of typing it. Tomorrow I head out to the customer and I asked if there’s anything I should review in the meantime, only to not get a response. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


So I knew that I was going to head over to the customer’s offices after lunch, so until then, I just passed the time with more DLP courses. There was also the first induction since our one, so I got to see some of the people who joined us after we joined in Galway, which was nice to see. But not much from the morning.

I got over to the customer’s separate office space at around 14:10 and was introduced to the different people who are working there.

And then I was told what I was going to be doing; manual testing. But we can’t do the testing yet, we need to write out what we’re going to do for the tests first.


From there it was just reading over the specification I was given and having a start at it.

This is going to be fun.


I don’t really have a lot that I want to say for today, just writing out more test scripts and getting familiar with the document. I had a huge wave of homesickness hit me at about lunchtime, so I was somewhat out of action for a bit as I couldn’t focus properly. So that was fun.


Joe had told me yesterday that he was working on a demo of CRM for a customer for next Wednesday and he asked if I would like to help, took up the opportunity in heartbeat. It at least give me a break from looking at Excel all day.

I started off the day back at the customer’s offices to do some more work there up until lunchtime, again more of the same. At lunch, I came back to the main office to get started with Joe on some of this demo CRM instance.

What it looks like I’ll be mostly focused on is doing a Business Process Flow for when an order comes in to when it’s dispatched to a customer. This will give me the chance to have a proper go at BPF since I haven’t done a huge amount of them.

Until next week,