Well, there wasn’t any work done on Monday, due to the fact that we were told that they would be having cleaners in the apartment so we wouldn’t be able to work, so today consisted of traveling from Sligo to Dublin and getting settled into the new place. It’s so nice to actually have my own room that I don’t have to share with another person, alongside having a proper cooker and washing machine. It’s the little things.


The day started off at 10:00 to have a tour around the office and become familiar with everyone and where everything is. It’s weird seeing more than 10 people in just one room though, being so used to Galway and all that. I also received my new laptop, which I don’t have to restart twice a day just to use, yay! There seems to be some weird issue where the cursor starts to lag every now and then, but as the day went on, it went away so I’m hoping it’ll stay that way.

I was also told about the first project that I’ll be working on in the coming day. It’s a government body so I’d want to be careful, though all I’ve been told is that I’ll be working on unit tests for the time being, presumably to the plugins that they’ve already written. I’m still waiting for the documentation so that I can see how the systen works, so for the time being I’ve just been reading up on FakeXrmEasy as that’s what I’ll be using. I’ve only done a minimal amount of unit testing, but it was enough to understand the main concept so it shouldn’t be too bad.


Another day of not a huge amount happening. I receive the documentation for the customer that I’ll be working with over the next couple of weeks and it’s a big document. As in, 35700 words and 159 pages huge. It’s only so useful currently though, as I don’t know the login information for the system, so I can’t go looking around the system yet to see it all in action.

I also went and updated my LinkedIn information so that there’s more info on a given work experience listing. But yeah, quiet day.


Well, it was more of nothing, still waiting to get started on working with this project. I did help Joe debug some JavaScript earlier, but that’s it.


Yep, still waiting around. Doing some DLP courses since that’s all I can do for the moment. There was pizza and beer when I finished up at 17:00 though, which I’m not complaining about.

Until next week,