I got into work and the first thing I knew I had to do was sort out all of my open tickets, as I knew there was going to be a meeting with the rest of the CRM support team about all of our tickets. I had a look at one customer who had a dialog that has been broken for about 2 weeks and checked to see if it just decided to work again.

Sure enough, it did.

There was also a process that I started work on last Friday that I finished up so when a user creates a new record, the currency will match the dealer that they’ve selected. I informed the customer that both of these things are working now and to make sure that they’re how they need to be.

At about 12:30 there was a presentation from the higher ups in the company about the 3 year plan that the company has. It was very interesting, though I can’t disclose what was discussed during it. Still, they paid for lunch, so I’m not complaining.

Around 15:30, we finally had that support meeting after having the time change 3 times (lmao). Just a quick catch-up with the rest of the team regarding the open tickets and if anyone had any suggestions for each other.

I ended the day by finishing that Pluralsight course on C, so that’s something.


The customer got back to me about the auto currency filler and couldn’t get it working and all throughout the day, they couldn’t. I’m going to have to have a Skype call with them tomorrow and they can just show exactly what they’re doing because… “Works on my machine”!

I also received a ticket about a user who is using the portal, having the values go to 0 when they submit the data to the CRM. I’ve asked if they can outline the steps that they are taking to make it go to 0, since the field is read-only, and I can’t recreate it on myself.

And some C++ Pluralsight courses, not a terribly interesting day.


Most of the day was spent doing up the reports that I have to do for this work placement for college, going back over previous weeks posts and summarising all of them.

I did have a Skype call with the customer who couldn’t get the process to activate so he could show me what happens on him machine. He showed it not working for him, I showed it working for me, both of us were left confused. It was about an hour later that I realised why it wasn’t working for him. The process’ scope was set to User rather than Organisation. One edit later and… it almost works.

Now we just get a generic error when trying to save the record on live, but not on sandbox. Alright, some more digging uncovered that the account that we were using to test the creation of records didn’t have a value in the Currency field, one addition later and the record goes through fine. I also updated the process to accommodate for users that don’t have a value in the Currency field. I then had to disable some JavaScript on the form that blocks the form from being edited so that he can update other customers. I just hope that that was the right thing to do…


It’s only really today that it’s starting to hit me that I’m finishing up in Galway this week as we had a meeting this morning with our manager and one of our co-workers discussing the open tickets that Joe and I still have left so that we can transfer them back over to him (but knowing him, he’s just going to transfer them over to Liam and Ciara then so…).

I’m still working on getting this person with the Labour Unit Price that’s set to 0 sorted. From what I can see, there’s some data within the live instance that is causing some inconsistency, but since I can’t just run the LINQ query that the portal is running on Dynamics, I have to try and find the value manually, which isn’t fun.

I also had a brief meeting with some of the people who worked on the real version of the project that Codec gave us to work on for our 3rd Year Project and it looks like we’ll be working on that when we get up to Dublin, which should be really interesting to see what they did in comparison to what we finished with back in March.


So, the last day in Galway. This is going to be interesting.

I finally sorted out the Labour Unit Price for the user. The cause was the supplier on the Product was set to a user who didn’t exist in a different part of the system, so I just changed it to a different user who is.

I was mostly just reassigning tickets to the other people as I won’t be working on them anymore. There’s only 2 more tickets that I have that it’ll just work on next week.

The company brought us out for lunch, which was very nice of them, to a Thai restaurant that’s beside the offices. Phad Thai is great.

At this point, we went back to work and I watched Cat livestreams and played Solitaire, since i had no tickets to work on. I then had to duplicate the Currency Fields for a related entity for the Machine Sales.

All in all, I had a fantastic time in Galway and I can’t wait for Dublin now. I will miss everyone though, since it’s only been 2 months.

Until next week,