Yeah, this portal is starting to get ridiculous.

I spent almost the whole day working on getting login to work again and I’m starting to believe that it isn’t even out problem at this stage, but Google’s. Only the students can’t log into this portal; the employers section is fine, as the CRM deals with the logins for that. Guess I continue looking into it tomorrow.

I did say I almost spent the whole day working on it, I spent about half an hour on a ticket just explaining to a customer how to edit the Site Map for Dynamics as they needed to add more entities to it. They also had a question about filtering data in one lookup field with the current value of another, but I was so busy with the portal that I didn’t get back to them, but they figured it out anyway. So that was an easy ticket.


7 and a half hours later, the login still doesn’t work, though it could be because Microsoft has depreciated ACS early or because there is a certificate has expired that is related to ACS. It could be the latter as one of my colleagues apparently had this issue 2 years and set the certificate to expire in 2 years (which is convenient as that’s around about now). He sent me on 2 documents towards the end of the day so I didn’t get the chance to check if that is the issue so I’ll have to try it tomorrow morning and see if that helps.


Well, we got the login working again! Whoop whoop!

So yes, it was that the certificate had expired for ACS and it needed to be updated with a new one. So the main problem is that on the 30th of June, the login for students is probably going to break as that is the deadline for moving away from ACS for this portal and since the whole login process is reliant on ACS…. Let’s just say I won’t be here at the end of the month to watch it all go up in smoke. What needs to be done is that the authentication service needs to be replaced with a different one, such as Auth0.

So I have all of the previous documentation and I was asked to compile it into one document with any additional information that I collected when trying to resolve the issue, so there was most of the day was spent.

I spent the rest of the day looking into how to use FetchXML for updating a record based on one of the fields in it, though I may not even use it as it doesn’t seem to be a very flexible system.


The day started off a meeting with one of the customers to discuss filtering the data that the Dynamics 365 Mobile App will receive for offline mode. They actually want a more simple setup than we thought they were going to ask for, so no complaints from me. I got to work on it and Dynamics decided to mess up some of the JavaScript files that the form depends on, so I can’t properly implement the data. I’ll try again tomorrow and if it’s still not working I’ll send a ticket to Microsoft about it.

I also spent some time working on that plugin from yesterday and I have some code for it, but I haven’t had the chance to test it due to my PC being that slow.


My first ticket of the day was someone who was having trouble entering data into the CRM, only for them to figure out that they were entering in the wrong data. Oh well, closed pretty quickly.

I had to explain Security Roles to another user who couldn’t understand why other users weren’t able to edit a field in a form, so they’re going to work on that one and I’ll just wait for questions as they are enviable.

Other than that, I was working on the plugin for updating the currency based on the dealer selected. I tried it with code, but I think I’ll have to do it with a process as I need to check after the data has been committed to the system. I’ll come back to it on Monday to see how much further I can get with it.

Until next time,