Monday was another Bank Holiday in Ireland, so I played Dark Souls for most of the day and took the bus back to Galway.


Can we just pretend that this day didn’t happen and move on?

So, the plugin that I modified last week decided to break in the morning and I spent a total of 6 hours trying to fix it to no avail. What makes the whole thing better is the fact that I can’t debug it because of the way the workflow is set up. Also, it decided to stop throwing exception and just say it finished, without inputting any new data into the system. Fantastic, I just went home, went for a run and ate some sticky toffee pudding and felt better about myself.


I tried to see if I could do anything to get the plugin working at this stage, even reverting it back to an older build that was working before I even went at modifying it last week. Nope, still nothing. I’m done with this; I just logged a ticket with Microsoft to see if that will help.

I also went and reconfigured a portal for another customer that was broken. Well, it’s a sandbox portal that I don’t really think they care about, but I did get a ticket last week asking to fix the authorisation key for the portal, so I’m going to fix it up either way. I tried exporting the data through Dynamics, but it didn’t really help, so I just did it manually and now the portal is there. Just need to tell them that they now have a dev portal.

There was also a ticket from a customer who was confused about how to merge records, so I just had to let him know how to do it.


The day started with a support call with Microsoft to show them what was the issue with the records not being created with my plugin and as soon as I’m about to show them it, I start getting SQL Server errors from Dynamics and so did everyone else in the office. Of course the one time I have a call with Microsoft, their system goes down. Anyway, made a clone of the instance for them so they’ll do some testing on it and see if they can determine where the issue is coming from.

Once that fun was over, I set up a mailbox for a user so that they could use the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook and I think I did it right? They said they’ll talk through it with their manager and get back to me.

Other than that, I started looking at a Pluralsight course on writing C code.


Long day full of nothing much. Day started off with my laptop doing a feature update for Windows for an hour and a half and then having no work to do until 13:00 when I had to update a portal for a customer to comply with ACS depreciation. Afterwards we realised that users can’t get into the portal but this has been happening all morning, so I spent some time trying to see if there’s anything I could do, only to come back with nothing.

Never deploy on a Friday.

Until next week,