No tickets, nothing interesting ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.


Spent some time trying to update a plugin for a customer so that when they run the plugin that create duplicates of the current record (with different IDs, don’t worry), it will add in the parent record to the children records as a lookup field. Still working on it though.

Other than that, just more DLP courses and other bits of training.


We started the day off with a meeting with the customer I’m trying to update the plugin with. There were some other open tickets talked about then as well.

It took me 4 and a half hours today, but I got it. The plugin now works as intended and it feels fantastic! I’m just waiting for the customer to test it on live for me to make sure that it works as they need it to, but from my testing on dev, it’s all g.

I also began work on updating library files for a customer portal as parts of the files are being depreciated at the end of next month. Still trying to get the portal to even build in the first place.


While I’m still trying to get the portal to have updated plugins and keep it working, I still had other tickets that I could work on. First one, update user roles; done with my eyes closed at this stage. Next one was to edit a form to include a view from a different one, took all of half an hour. Final one was to see why an email didn’t go into a case, even though the next one did. An hour later all I could come up with is “idk”.


I finally got the portal to build by fixing up the references that are currently there and working from there. So I updated the Dev and UAT portals for the time being (also fixing a bug in the process where the Dev portal was displaying data from the live Dynamics instance) and I have to wait until next week in order to update the live portal as we need to tell them there may be some downtime when doing the update.

Other than that, we had beer and pizza at the end of the day as a little get-together with the rest of the co-workers, though I couldn’t stay too long as I had a bus to catch. Either way, that was dinner sorted.

Until next time,