So today mostly consisted of meetings, the first being with one team member through Skype where we discussed configuring the CRM for Mobile/Tablet Offline Sync, with the second being a general CRM meeting about open tickets that we’re currently working on. All of this took up most of the morning.

I then received a ticket in the evening where a person wanted to give another person access to the system, but they didn’t even have an account to begin with, so I can’t do much. All I could say is “Get your IT team to make an account and then I can give it the user roles”.

Once again, not a huge amount of tickets.


A somewhat busy day, but at least it meant I had something to do. First ticket, set up user roles for a new account on the system, not too bad…. Oh wait, the person doesn’t know what they need, and it makes the whole thing go on a lot longer and I end up with an angry email from the person’s manager ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. At one point, one of this person’s co-workers was trying to share a dashboard with them but they weren’t sharing the charts but that was right as I was finishing up for the day, so tomorrow I’ll sort that out.

I also get started on making Excel files that explain the current connection between a customer’s Dynamics instance and their GP instance that uses Scribe. All of the connection files are in a super special format that cannot be decrypted.

Ok, it’s just an XML file with a different file extension, but it makes it sound more interesting. At least now I have something I can work on tomorrow.

Other than that, I had a talk with one of my co-worker about one of the customers since I’ll need to send off some reports to them on Friday as he’s out of the office then. Kinda don’t get much of it, but he did send an email, so I should be able to figure it out.


Doing all 47 of those Excel files took 4 and a half hours. I mean, it gave me something to do, but man, it seemed to drag at certain points. But it’s done now and the people who are going to be using it seem to be happy with them all, so that’s me done.

That customer who didn’t have the user roles now has the proper charts appearing on their dashboards. As I suspected, the original charts weren’t being shared with him. Now the only thing left is an error that he gets now when moving an order forward, it throws up an “Error from Dynamics GP” yet it’s somehow a CRM issue. Sure.


Wow, I love tickets that just make you feel like everything you know is wrong.

Ticket in question; when trying to merge two accounts together, the system will just reactivate the account that was just merged. The reason? There’s a process that sets the status of the account to the same as it is in GP, which is always active. Great. So what do you do to fix it? Change a field that looks like it’s completely unrelated to the problem at hand and then it will deactivate. Sure thanks.

There was another user account that I had to set up on Tuesday that was almost done, but they couldn’t edit some Web Content from the portal due to an error. The only problem was that the account that is the link between the CRM and ClickDimensions wasn’t working due to different passwords, so one change later, and it’s up and running again.


The day starts with checking the email to see if there are any new tickets to do, and no, nothing that isn’t a continuation of yesterday. I start the day off great by closing a lot of tickets. Co-worker is happy with the Excel files I made a couple of days ago; the new user is set up with the proper roles and another ticket that was also setting up roles for a user turned out to be the same account. There was another ticket with a person not being able to delete records, though they weren’t supposed to be able to in the first place? I don’t know, they logged about three tickets on the one issue because they kept emailing the service desk directly instead of our emails.

Until next week,