The start of a new year always comes with some amount of anxiety, at least that’s the case for me. There’s always the questions of what’s going to happen this year, what did I accomplish this year and how can I improve upon the goals that I set out to do. Being able to look at the future and say “Yeah, I can do it” is an important part that I some days feels like no problem and others, a huge mountain. But it’s all about waiting for change to happen, no matter how slow it is, is the important part.

Project 300

So, after that “New Year, New Me” fluff, I guess I should go over what I’ve done this week. Every day, I’ve been in college, doing work for this main end-of-year project. So, from 10:00 - 18:00 each day, we’ve been slowly chipping away at the backlog of tasks. We also had a meeting with the people we’re doing the project with this morning, in order to ask some more questions about the project. We we’re also told about the contracts that we’ll be getting for our work placement, so that’s very exciting. The project itself is split into 3 phases and currently, we’re about 62% of the way through phase 1, so while there’s work that needs to be done, phase 1 is also the largest phase and we’re not going to get everything in it finished anyway, due to some of the tasks being for the actual live project that Codec are developing in-house.

This website

Outside of the project, I’ve done some small QOL improvements to this website. Most of these don’t affect how the website itself functions or how it looks, but they’ll relate to features I’ll implement at some point. I’ve reorganised the structure of the blog posts and the images to make it easier to find specific posts. I’ve also given each post a “categories” tag, which will be used in the future to organise the blog page so that you can look at only certain topics. I’ve fixed a couple of console errors that Jekyll threw up while I was testing the site, again, I’m the only person who’s going to see this, but it’s still nice to have. I got around to adding some SEO with meta tags in the head element, I’ve made it easier to subscribe to the RSS feed of this blog and I’ve also updated the favicon to reflect my current Mii.


Other than that, there hasn’t been a huge number of other things going on, so I guess I conclude this post of the time being. Semester 2 of college starts next Monday, so at that point, I’ll have more to talk about.

Until next time,