Sorry about the title, I had to.

College is really starting to kick my ass right now. All the projects are starting to pile up and it’s starting to eat into my free time. As a group, we’ve just started to get everything together and need each other to work on a lot of these projects.

So, let’s review what we have:

  • Web Programming 3 - The Cookbook
  • Rich Application Development 301 - Lab Assignment 12017
  • Professional Development - 4000-word Essay about Microsoft Development
  • Database Development 3 - DROP Delivery T-SQL Sproc
  • Project 300 - Microsoft Dynamics

Yeah, too much for me! So, let’s go through each of these and see where I am with them.

Web Programming 3

I discussed what this project is in the last blog post, but to review; Liam and I are working on a cookbook style website where it will enable the user to create a shopping list based on their preferences. It’s coming along, but I do need to do more work on it. Most of the work I’ve done is adding a footer to the page and working with iterating over arrays to display information about the user on-screen without it being hard-coded.

Rich Application Development 301

We got this project last Friday and it requires us to use ASP.NET MVC to create a website and a database with Entity Framework for a club with members. Since it’s so new, I haven’t done much for it yet, but it doesn’t seem to be terribly difficult… at least for now.

Professional Development

So, here’s a weird one. We’ve been put into a group of 7 and we have to write an essay on “a new and exciting piece of technology”, and because 3 of the people in this group are doing Microsoft Dynamics for out final project, why not do the essay on that?

This one is also in its early days, we’ve only had 1 meeting as a team, but everyone knows what topic we’re going to cover, and for the most part, it’s only about 400-500 words each, so I’m not too worried about it right now, but I will slowly be working away at this while I’m studying Dynamics as it is.

Database Development 3

We had to submit the first part of our semester-long project, which in this case, this probably has more work in it than the other parts. It went ok, but I could have done a lot better with it.

Project 300

And finally, here’s the big one! The main project! At time of writing, we haven’t been given access to the main system that we’ll be doing the project with (Edit: got it earlier this morning). Last week, we really got going more so than other weeks with the project. Here, a picture of us actually doing work last Thursday:

Three people (Ciara, Liam and myself) looking at a laptop

Here are 3 of the 4 team members (The other team member is taking the picture, I’m on the far right) working thought the Sproc and creating an ERD

We worked on getting a first-draft on the ER Diagram to at least get us off the ground and to be able to start asking questions. More work was done on Friday where we finished up the ERD and had more questions ready to send off as an email.

Okay, there’s a lot there, but I’m getting through it.

– Jamie