That… was a weird week.

Ok, so it wasn’t actually that bad, more disorganised. With this being the first full week back to college, nothing is really set in stone at this point, but life moves on, so we run around the college aimlessly trying to find the right classroom that we’re supposed to be in at a given time. Either way, on to my log…

Note: I’m going only going to be talking about important classes throughout the given day, not every class. So I’ll be omitting certain classes where not a lot happened (Lectures etc.).


So, first class on Monday with a coffee in hand, I headed to the top of the library for class (since the usual room for Database is being done up). We all though that we would just be having another DB class. We were wrong.

Codes DSS came in to talk about doing our 3rd Year Project with them, which would mean that we could get placement with them later in the year and possibly get out 4th year sorted and get contracts with them. They had people who did the project last year with them, talking about the experience and their project. We actually knew about this project from last year when the DB lecturer came and talked to my friends and me about this. We declined politely due to the vagueness of the assignment, but of course now we have a change of mind and heart. This is it! Time to fix up the CV and sort out my LinkedIn.

During the last semester, we starting using Angular 2 in Web Programming and this year is a continuation of that module. I wasn’t 100% doing it last year, but I feel more motivated to try a lot harder at it this year, so I’m excited now. Most of this week though was spent waiting for the IT department to get it together and fix the VMs that the college lets us use. The port for downloading items through NPM was blocked and wasn’t fixed until Wednesday night (I think it was Wednesday night, at least that’s when I got it working).

And yes, I know I could have just used my laptop, but here we are eh?


With one full week of classes technically finished at this stage, we wrapped back around to Database Development. With this, we went over the ERDs we had designed for our project for the class. Mine was wrong….

But terribly wrong, just had to change of the links between tables.

Honestly, haven’t really done a huge amount of programming this week so far, need to find a small project to work on at this stage, but I also know that’s only because we haven’t started the main project for the course yet (which is ultimately where this blog is going).

While not college related, but still technology, I also received my external monitor for my laptop, ASUS MB168B on Monday too. Love it, but I can’t control the brightness on it due to Asus drivers being weird. :/


Like I said for Wednesday, I haven’t done a huge amount of programming, but that doesn’t meant that I haven’t done anything all week. Most of this week was spent fixing and redoing my CV to make it look all-round better. This is for the project presentation that we have to show off to out lecture next Wednesday on why we should be chosen to do the project that we were told about on Monday. I’m pretty happy with how it looks now, but I’m also reorganised my LinkedIn. All in all, I think everything is starting to look a lot nicer.


Well, I was supposed to have Rich Application Development, but the lecture was out sick and the sub told to watch some videos for the class. I’ve other things to be at anyway, so I printed out my CV and handed it into the careers office for review and when home to get ready for work. I’m currently working on a website, using ASP.NET for a company that allows farmer to view information about their herd, mostly about AI, at least I don’t have to go and do it…

I’m been working on this since the end of June or so and I’ve most of the farmer pages finished, and I’m currently working on the Admin area. Still lots to be done, but it’s going somewhat smoothly.


Not part of the college week, but I’ve finished all 7 hours of videos for RAD, interesting topics discussed.

Until next week,

– Jamie