So here we are, back to college. As stated in the about page, I attend IT Sligo, which is great considering how close it is to my house (10 minute drive) and that the course itself is actually good, which friendly lectures and full of people how want to learn.

The exact course I’m studying is BSc in Computing in Software Development which in turn means that I do a wide type of different topics, from C# software development, to Game Development, to Databases, to Client-Side Scripting, to more.


We got back on Wednesday and went straight into Database Development, and straight into the main assignment for the year. To create a database to store info about a drone operated pizza delivery system. Only work done it so far is to create ERDs for the project, nothing too tricky


Thursday was a weird day. We first had Professional Development, which is a class about getting the skill for job interviews and for touching up the CV. Was just an introduction lecture, so nothing of major interest so far.

And that’s been the whole week, all the other classes we we’re supposed to have were cancelled due to lectures having meetings or the room being unavailable, so here we are. Easy week to settle back into I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Until next week,

– Jamie