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Who am I?
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Hi there! My name is Jamie Higgins and I’m a CRM Consultant, previously studied Software Development in the Institute of Technology Sligo and creator of this website! Thanks for taking the time out of your day to view my website!

I’ve always been passionate about technology from a young age, since I first used our Dell Dimension PC running Windows ME in 2001, to getting my first dedicated video game system, the Nintendo DS in 2005, to building my first PC in 2014; it was only natural that I ended up perusing Software Development as a career.

My current programming skill set includes .NET Framework (C# and ASP.NET), Dynamics CRM, JavaScript and Microsoft SQL Management Studio with experiences using MySQL, Angular and jQuery.

My other hobbies include video games, playing and listening to music and going for runs. I have performed the violin in many European countries such as France and The Netherlands and have also led an orchestra in The National Concert Hall in Dublin, Ireland. My other instruments of choice include the guitar and bass guitar.

Feel free to contact me by email at jamiehigginswork@outlook.com or check out the rest of my social links at About.me.